In 1990, while still a student at the Tonmeisterinstitut at the Detmold Academy of Music, I initially began my freelance activity as a freelance sound engineer for radio corporations and recording companies.

In order to be able to realize my own ideas, on the completion of my studies as a Dipl.-Tonmeister, I began to establish myself as an independent freelance producer on the basis of my own equipment and founded my own music producing business.

It is my goal to carry out productions of classical music in a pleasant, concentrated atmosphere marked by mutual trust and to do so with the highest musical and technical quality. Consequently, from the very beginning I have invested exclusively in the corresponding professional mobile equipment and through up-to-date additions have always kept it up with the latest developments. Thus, I am in the position to respond to the needs of the ever-changing music world. Moreover, I attach importance to the greatest possible technical flexibility, in order to be able to do justice to current developments at each and every producing turn.

Top-quality equipment, however, merely forms the necessary prerequisite for the ideal capturing of the musical ideas of composer and interpreter. Active support of the musicians in questions of musical and tonal interpretation is just as important. Here it is my intention to lend supportive assistance to the interpreters during the recordings in my role as their first hearer and reliable and trustworthy partner.

Already early in my career regular contracts were established with the BIS (Stockholm), cpo (Osnabrück), and Philips Classics (Baarn) recording companies. Many other leading companies such as Sony/BMG or Berlin Classics and internationally renowned artists have joined us from around the world during the course of the years.

The wealth of experience gained through such cooperation led to an instructorship in music recording and artistic recording production at the Erich-Thienhaus-Institut (formerly, the Tonmeisterinstitut) in Detmold from 1999 to 2002. I continue to teach young sound engineers on a private basis.